NANIGUGU is a 3D animation series (52 x 2,5') in HD format for the preschool audience.

Pataboom recovers the traditional cloud shape recognition game to create a preschool animation series. The traditional game consists of observing the clouds and guessing which objects or animals can be represented by their shapes. Pataboom conveys through this simple game a set of interesting values that are important to pass along to future generations, and at the same time represents an attractive fun product for the target audience.

Hence, NANIGUGU is not only another animation series for kids, but also tries to go further by conveying a set of principles. The series stimulates the imagination and provides entertainment directly through the cloud shape recognition game. In this game, any number of participants is possible (from one to any number). The game consists of guessing the object that cloud shape (an abstract element) refers to. This is the basis for NANIGUGU.

Additionally, the characters in the series overcome a set of difficulties without even thinking about them. The two characters are Gugu, a little kid, and Nani, an extraterrestrial kid. The communication difficulties are quickly overcome thanks to the willingness of both kids to play together. Both kids use the cloud shape recognition game to communicate effectively and work as a team, promoting both integration and multiculturalism, since two “different” characters make their best to communicate without judging the other by his aspect.

The final goal is to guess what activity Nani wants to do in order to have a fun time together. Nani shapes the cloud three times and Gugu, the human kid, has to guess the three objects that correspond to these shapes. Finally, Gugu has to understand the relation between the three objects to guess what activity Nani wants to do. The series shows that there are multiple ways of having fun together (each episode presents a new activity), and these activities are an excellent idea, as a way for families to spare their time.

It is interesting to note the special care Pataboom has taken to design NANIGUGU aesthetics. The background is simplified to keep the audience's attention on the important elements, and avoid saturating the young audience with a variety of distracting stimulus. This has been accomplished precisely, choosing colours and shapes that fill in the space and contrast with each other, so that the preschool audience is guided to achieve a coherent interpretation and a stimulating, active and harmonic feeling. An interpretation based on the narrative repetition as an effective and structured way of exposing the information, advised by educators, allowing the kids to follow the evolution of what they are watching, participate actively, and draw their own answers and conclusions through a guided reasoning.

Finally, we should mention the two characters of NANIGUGU, Nani, the extraterrestrial kid, and Gugu, the human kid, who decides to have fun together putting aside any racial, physical appearance, and cultural differences. They are two characters meticulously designed to convey a message to the audience directly through their appearance, without words. They are kind and affable friends, willing to collaborate with each other to have a nice time together. They are dynamic, resolute, self-confident, and with initiative.